Jump Free Running

Jump Free Running 1.1.0

Jump to safety in this fun parkour game


  • Neat graphics and soundtrack
  • Fun to play
  • Lots of different moves available
  • Diverse missions and levels


  • Not enough interaction with cities' landmarks


Jump Free Running is a free parkour game for your phone. This adrenaline-packed jumping game is full of obstacles and will keep you occupied for a long time.

Parkour is a popular street sport in which the participant jumps over things, climbs walls and runs along precarious obstacles as quickly as possible. In Jump Free Running you must use the art of parkour to pass through the various levels.

The story in Jump Free Running is set across three cities: San Fransisco, London and Cairo. Each has a number of missions you must complete before you can pass to the next. This story element and cut scenes add some depth to Jump Free Running and makes it a bit more interesting.

The controls in Jump Free Running seem a bit complicated at first. Different buttons on the keypad perform different types of jumps, rolls or balancing maneuvers, and it can be fiddly to execute them all properly. With a bit of practice you'll get the hang of it, though.

Graphically, Jump Free Running is pretty basic yet tidy. The pixel art used in the design of the game is neat, making everything on screen very clear. However, there's little interaction with the landmarks of the cities used in the game, which would've been a nice touch.

Jump Free Running is a very enjoyable game that will introduce you to the hair-raising world of parkour street jumping.

Jump Free Running


Jump Free Running 1.1.0

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